Webpages epubs and editing

I came across an interesting command

javascript:document.body.contentEditable = ‘true’; document.designMode = ‘on’; void 0

now if you copy and paste that into chrome it loses the javascript:  so you need to type that in

The effect of it is that you can edit webpages in your browser.

Which is kind of useful if you want to make an off line copy. Once you have what you want save it as webpage complete.

The next stage is to change the format and that is probably best as an epub.  So saying a PDF file might do you in which case print to pdf and you are done.

I don’t like pdf’s very much as they are designed around A4 size bits of paper and I don’t intend printing anything i don’t have to  also they never seem to fit well on anything other than a really big monitor.  epub is better since it resizes and flows to suit the screen and perhaps better than html as everything is in one file.

The epub stage is easy to achieve just open your saved html file in Sigil a free epub editor.  It might be that things are not quite right, if you want just delete pretty much all the header information and that may be enough. Otherwise you can just delete non essential information.  Either way once it looks reasonable you can save as an epub and store it where you like e.g iTunes.

You might want to do a little work on images scaling them to a percentage of the page width.

Bare in mind this is essentially just personal notes from public webpages you are a jerk if you take this content and pass it off as all your own work.

This little blog page was quite handy in figuring out a reasonable technique.