Dynamic Symmetry

Whats Dynamic Symmetry.

The 1.5 grid for 6:4 images

Most photographers are more than familiar with the use of thirds to compose an image but its rather too simple and not always appropriate for a particular photo. Composition is design really and rule of thirds is just one design concept. For 1000’s of years artists have been applying design to their work and most of us have been oblivious to it. Commonly they have chosen a grid system based on roots the 1.5 grid is not a natural root grid but for photographers with a 6×4 frame its the one that works for us.

A couple of terms

gamut we normally think of this as a color range but in dynamic symmetry its using a limited number of angles of lines.

Sinister basically a line running right to left

Baroque a line that leans to the right

Arabesque a curve or set of curves these can help move the eye through the frame


when two or more objects are sharing similar relative positions

light dark subject field basically dark subjects on light backgrounds and light subjects on dark background without overlapping and creating confusion. Forward subjects should have more contrast than subjects further back to create a sense of depth

Gestalt Perception

I will just add this link for now. It sounds ominous but to be fair it’s primarily about how we create order out of chaos.

Another Good link from the same website, I don’t agree with his views on dynamic symmetry but there are a lot of useful points to be taken and used from this page.