Learning Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve coms in a free version and a studio version and most of what you are likely to want to do is in the free version.  However it is pretty resource hungry.  So the first thing you are, likely to need is to optimise media using these 5 steps.

The next is to resolve a few issues, crashes. 

First thing is to try to export an xml file of your project from Davinci Resolve. You may have no intention of editing in another NLE but the generation of the xml file should result in problem areas being flagged. 

For me i found there was a problematic transition and also a problem with a clip which had its speed changed. removing these 2 elements enabled Resolve to export without crashing part way through. The problem seems to be graphics memory and running out of it.  For the retimed film clip it will probably be easiest to render the film clip as a separate project. Then the pacing will match the rest of the project and it becomes a case of setting the in and out points when inserting into the main projects and thus reduce the demand on graphics memory.