Godox Transmitter Frequencies

Godox X series Triggers use 32  1.5Mhz wide channels in the 2.4 GHz band. This is rather crowded and the channels have to co exist with 2.4GHz Wifi. Wifi has 11 overlapping bands in most countries and Godox Trigger channels exist within these 11 overlapping channels. For best wifi channels 1 , 6, and 11 do not overlap

The Table Above gives Wifi frequencies , The table below shows the 32 channels used by godox. The red lines cover channels 1, 6, 11. These leaves ch 8, 9 and 23,  24 clear of these 3 wifi channels.  Your own situation maybe better or worse than this. As a network tech I would use 1,6,11 for wifi with 3 lans coexisting but situations differ. With the data here and a site survey you should hopefully be able to choose a channel with little interference. There are other devices in this band so there’s a certain amount of luck involved.