Fixing the FeiyuTech AK4500 Gimbal Vibrations.

The Feiyutech AK4500 is a great Gimbal let down by poor communication between Feiyutech and their customers.

The biggest problem is that the motor strength needs to be appropriate for the payload. For small cameras the auto adjust function seems to work but for larger loads iit  tends to vibrate increase the motor strength vibrate more and repeat making the Gimbal unuseable. It goes without saying you need to balance the gimbal first before adjusting the motor strength.

The key to solving this with the current firmware is to use the FieyuOn software to adjust manually. There are three states the Gimbal can be in:

  • motors set too strong, vibrates and shakes uncontrollably
  • motors set too weak, can’t hold direction without drifting 
  • motors set correctly Gimbal works great. 

If the motors are too strong you probably used the self adjust feature and it failed to calibrate properly. I can only say do not use this feature. 


Reset to default

You need to open the FeiyuOn app click the gear and select reset to defaults. This sets the motor strength to zero and sets the default language to chinese.

It may bring the select language page up on the Gimbal but if not swipe right to the last page select bottom selection and then the top selection on the next screen to set to English.

Adjust the motor strength

Ok ignore self adjust in the feiyuOn app and start adjusting the motor strength on each bar.  If the motor is too weak then it will drift and maybe click if it is too strong it will vibrate. If you don’t know which motor needs adjusting down feel each motor in turn. This dampens the vibration and you can  reduce the motor strength of that axis.  Once you have a non vibrating Gimbal save the settings. If drift is a problem bring the motor strength up but bring down if it starts to vibrate.  There is no perfect setting you can select for greater or lesser control a lower setting may give a more organic feel a higher setting may make movement too stiff. 

Think about your payload the Gimbal has a payload rating of 150g to 4600g where does your payload sit? for my BMPCC 4K the payload is around 1600g about a third of the capacity of the gimbal so around a third of the way along the bar should be a reasonable starting point maybe even end point. Adjust till you are happy with the way the Gimbal responds I don’t think you need to adjust much if at all for similar payloads.  There should be a fair range of acceptable settings for any given payload.  If you are using one single rig then you shouldn’t need to touch the motor strength after doing this.    

Finally, with a reasonable adjustment -Calibrate

Camera is sitting a bit off sagging to one side not facing forward? The calibration setting adjusts the starting position for each axis which is parallel to the ground and facing forward with the touch screen to the rear. 

I can’t specify where you want to be with the motor strength you may prefer a lower strength for organic smooth movement but if it struggles to move and doesn’t hold then tweaking the motor strength up some will be needed. Just don’t overdo it or you will be back to unusable again. 

Now why didn’t Feiyutech tell you that or the many Youtubers that reviewed it…