Amazon Fire & Forget.

Amazon has an interesting approach to logistics it turns up or it doesn’t. Customer Service is there to apologise and authorise refunds.  That’s it and that is all they can do.   

Case in point i ordered a light from a third party seller on Amazon sad to say i was prompted to by an email from Amazon.  What sold it to me was the inclusion of 2 NPF 970 batteries, Amazon has a problem shipping lithium batteries. So they tend to be rare and expensive in Ireland. 

Anyway until Sunday everything was going well till the package reached customs in the mail centre in Dublin 12. Apparently the electronic customs declaration was in error and needed fresh information from Amazon.  Over the course of this week I have come to realise when Amazon says Lost its a different meaning to the usual sense, they don’t know where something is. 

Amazons definition of lost is more like a rocket launch that went wrong. The payload is in orbit but not the correct Orbit and it’s mission failed. 

So customs will hold this package until Amazon update the information so they can release it. After 16 days and no update from Amazon the package gets returned to Amazon at the carriers expense. 

So they issue a full refund to the customer and later recover the goods to be sold again.  The original postage well that’s a fee paid by the actual seller.  So while my package isn’t actually lost its mission failure lost and Amazon find it cheaper to abandon the delivery.   For me i might wait for the refund before buying again or if i wait to be credited then the package may be back at Amazon ready to be sent out again.   There is zero chance that the information will be amended and i get my delivery tomorrow.

Thanks Jeff.